Quixote’s Corner

Spain’s La Liga BBVA, the Primera division, home to European Goliaths Real Madrid and Barcelona, is a hipster’s choice for the best league in the world. On a platform to which every league game has ties to nationalism, politics, and general dislike for someone on a genetic level, the game in Spain is a fascinating, complex theater. A league whose country is a rarely unified provides a cast list of heroes, villains, traitors, thieves, and mercenaries. Every weekend provides another chapter in this real life soap opera.

In this column I will identify and colorfully articulate a different talking point regarding Spanish football every week. The appeal of this series will be to appease a demographic of La Liga fans with analysis and opinion not casually available to English-speakers. It’s secondary objective will be to educate and inform your average soccer fan to the appeals of following Spanish football not limited to topics about the big two. The final aim is to generate discussion. Enjoy and Viva La Liga.